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A to Z of Waste

A to Z of Waste

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Large household items
  • If you are buying new white goods many retailers, many retailers will collect your old equipment at no or low cost, for recycling. Contact your store for more information.

    White goods can also be collected through the council's bulky goods services. This may involve a charge.

Light bulbs
  • Fluorescent light bulbs and low energy light bulbs can be recycled at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre

    All light bulbs, except fluorescent tubes, can be disposed of through your black bin . Please ensure any bulbs are securely wrapped in newspaper to prevent damage when the glass breaks.

  • The council takes a three-pronged approach to dealing with litter and keeping the street scene clean: education, effective cleaning and enforcement. We spend over one million pounds of taxpayers' money each year cleaning the streets and clearing fly-tips. With this in mind, the council has developed a Cleaner Borough Campaign.

    To report litter or rubbish dumping incidents please complete an online form

Most waste apart from bulky items, hot ashes, clinical waste, liquids and paint tins can be disposed of in the black bin. Black bin waste is taken to the Energy from Waste facility at Allington where it is burnt to create electricity. Please note the council is not responsible for the content of any external links provided within this guide.

If you have any suggestions for other materials to be included within this list please e-mail waste.services@tmbc.gov.uk or telephone 01732 876147.