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Flood alerts and a flood warning in Tonbridge and Malling

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2014 9:28am

On the evening of Friday 31 January Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council staff once again opened the Council’s Emergency Control Centre due to two flood alerts issued by the Environment Agency. Staff remained on stand-by throughout the weekend.

The flood alerts were for the River Bourne from Hadlow to East Peckham, including Golden Green and Little Mill and for the River Medway for the area from Penshurst to Hampstead Lock at Yalding, including the Leigh Barrier Flood Storage Reservoir, Ensfield Road, Tonbridge, Paddock Wood, the Hop Farm, East Peckham, Branbridges and Hale Street.  The flood alert on the River Bourne was upgraded to a flood warning late on the Friday evening and then downgraded to a flood alert on the Saturday.

Incident Liaison Officers were deployed during the flood alerts for the River Bourne and the River Medway and the subsequent flood warning for the River Bourne.

The Council has continued to monitor local conditions in liaison with the Environment Agency, Kent County Council Highways and Kent Police, each of which have a clearly defined role in responding to the emergency and supporting our residents.

Nicolas Heslop, Leader of Tonbridge & Malling Borough Council, said: “The river levels as well as the increase in surface water caused by run-off gave cause for concern from Friday afternoon onwards. It was a relief to all that no residents had to be evacuated.”