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What to do in an emergency

In any major emergency there will be a wide range of organisations involved in the response.  Each of them will have their own job to do.  The Kent Resilience Forum brings all of them together so that they can plan in advance how they will deal with larger emergencies. You can download a booklet which gives you information, so that you know what you can do to help yourself, your family or your business.  It also gives you links to other websites that also have useful information.


Inevitably, from time to time flooding will threaten some homes and businesses in vulnerable areas.

We all have a responsibility to make ourselves aware of flood risks we may face and to protect ourselves, our properties and our businesses from flooding and to undertake any maintenance that may be required.

Please check the Environment Agency website for updates on Flood Alerts and Flood Warnings.

The Environment Agency has produced a helpful leaflet on what to do before, during and after a flood. This includes practical advice on what to do to protect yourself and your property.

The Environment Agency has also produced a useful leaflet on the proper use and placement of sandbags to maximise protection.

The Council has further advice relating to flooding and how the various agencies will respond. 

The Multi Agency Technical Group Newsletter explains the wider work underway following the extensive flooding in the winter of 2013/14.

The Council does not have a statutory duty to provide sandbags, however, we wish to support our residents during times of imminent flooding. We handle enquiries sympathetically but have to focus resources on areas of need.

Met Office information including weather forecasts.

You can contact the Borough Council for emergency flooding help, 24 hours a day, by calling 01732 844522.

Financial support from the Government for Leigh flood storage area

Government announced financial support for Leigh flood storage area in advance of Autumn Statement.

Snow and other emergencies  

To report power cuts and damaged lines, please call UK Power Neworks' free helplines on 0800 3163105 for landline users or 0333 3232105 for mobile users. For more information and to view the live power cut map, which will show whether UK Power Networks are aware of your power cut and when they estimate your power will be back on, visit their website.

For Highways and travel advice please check Kent County Council Roads and Transport or call 03000 41 81 81 option 5.  Further information is available from Kent County Council on gritting routes, locations for salt bins and snow clearance.

Further general advice on emergencies is also available. 

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